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Staff Augmentation - Verification/Eligibility of Benefits | Payment Tracing | Data Entry


Based in California, Health 360 Labs offers a range of tests with more analytes than most laboratories to properly diagnose and treat patients. They specialize in Toxicology, Blood Wellness, Pharmacogenetics, Infectious Diseases, and more. Compared to other healthcare laboratories, their extensive testing service offers numerous facilities. They also provide easy access to results and are consistently working on integrations with other EHR/EMR software to view patient results.

Client’s Challenges

Health 360 Laboratories works around the clock to provide all of their clients with optimal lab testing and procedures. While delivering such outstanding services, they were overwhelmed with handling back-office operations related to benefits and payment verifications.

They were burdened with time and resource-consuming tasks, which were equally imperative to maintain their operations and to provide the best service to their clients.

Solutions We Delivered

Dotcomsourcing Inc. was approached to resolve the complication through our Staff Augmentation services. According to the job descriptions provided by Health 360 Labs, we launched our hiring process by searching for the perfect candidates in our database. The suitable candidates were selected after the final interview with Health 360 LaboratoriesConsequently, the newly hired remote staff successfully aligned with the in-house team of the client.  

Earlier, the in-house team was constantly facing difficulties handling walk-in clients while calling healthcare providers simultaneously. But now, the augmented virtual staff efficiently deals with this time-consuming process, allowing the in-house team to focus on delivering exceptional medical services. 

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